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Gift giving becomes a ‘natural’ gesture with Phytorelax

The festive season is here and with it comes the desire to give a gift to the ones we love. To help you, we have chosen a small selection of 100% Phytorelax Holiday Gifts for you and for those who care about skin and the environment.

Your fiancé, your female friends, your mum, your dad, your sister… Year after year you try to get ideas for original and fun presents. But why not finding this year something that, besides being lovely and nice, is good for the skin and gives a feeling of well-being and relaxation?

There are so many options! Phytorelax offers organic & environmentally friendly cosmetic products for all kinds of tastes and needs, also for men and for our four-legged friends. Just visit one of the many shops that sell the Phytorelax brand (link: Store Locator section). Our excellent staff will guide you so that you choose the right product. Or, to save time, you can read this article and find out the perfect gift for you straightaway.

Here are the 5 gift ideas that should not be missed! bio corpo1. For your nature loving friend

The Holiday Gift of the Bio range is perfect for an environmentally-sensitive, nature-loving female friend. You can choose between a bodycare and a skincare option.

That extra touch: The case has been designed to be a gift in itself. However, you can also personalise it by presenting the case inside a small vintage apple crate with raffia and a hand-written card made of 100% recycled raw paper. A perfect shabby chic and natural effect!2. Gift ideas for sports fans

These days everyone has a brother, sister or family member who loves running or is a fitness fan. The best gift they’d love to find under the Christmas tree? Vitamins! And this is exactly what a Holiday Gift of the Multivitamin range offers! You can also choose between a bodycare and a skincare option in this line.

That extra touch: Combine the Multivitamin Holiday Gift with any other sport-related element. It can be presented inside a new sports bag or combined with a towel, a technical garment or better still, a bathrobe. Just one gift and you give the person you love all they need to practise their passion. multi corpo argan corpo3. Mothers deserve only the best!

Mums deserve the best in natural cosmetics. And especially for them we have thought of wonderful Argan oil Holiday Gifts for bodycare and skincare. Modern mums care a lot about looking young. And that is good because taking care of oneself and trying to keep a healthy look are two key factors to achieve physical and emotional wellbeing.

That extra touch: How many things can we do to make mums happy? Let’s think about this. A beauty-related gift is always welcome since it means pampering someone. An Argan oil Holiday Gift can be combined with gift admission tickets to a SPA to be used together. Or if you are looking for something simpler you can print a picture of your mother with a dedication to tell her how beautiful and special she is.

4. For our best friends

The sweetest and most vivacious member of the family also deserves getting presents! And besides being a special treat to a puppy or an adult dog, this gift is seen as a reward and is a source of great joy for our furry friends! Phytorelax has created two types of Holiday Gifts: “Beautydog Pelo Lungo” for long-haired dogs and “Beautydog Pelo Corto” for short-haired dogs.

That extra touch: Those vain dogs that love wagging their fluffy and sweet-smelling tails will be happy to spend some time at the ‘Beauty Centre’: A grooming session at a specialised centre for our four-legged friends! dog lungo fiori corpo5. To treat ourselves

Sometimes the Christmas tree damps down, rather than sparkle, everyone’s moods and feelings, mainly of the most sensitive souls. This is known as ‘Christmas blues’ and during the ‘happiest’ time of the year many people have headaches, do not want to eat, have insomnia or hypersomnia; they also feel anxious, pessimistic, agitated, and that they do not belong; they do not know what presents to buy (or even do not want to go shopping for gifts), feel apathetic and feel like crying. This year remember to get something also for yourself. We deserve something that makes us feel relaxed and in harmony with our inner self as well as with our looks. The Bach flowers Holiday Gifts for bodycare and skincare are the perfect choice. The fragrances of the Bach flowers bring a sense of harmony and wellbeing.

That extra touch: Disconnect the telephone for a couple of days. Take a break from your routine of schedules, deadlines and deliveries and let yourself be transported to the joy and warmth of the holiday season. GIFT IDEAS!

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Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.


Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.