The secret to having firmer, more radiant skin, in view of summer, is to remove dead cells with exfoliating products

After the long winter months, the skin must prepare to receive sunlight again and to appear perfect and smooth. Exfoliating the skin by applying scrubs is beneficial and preparatory for tanning.

Firstly, the microgranules and particles contained in scrubs smooth the skin by eliminating dead cells from the surface: in addition to visibly improving the skin’s appearance, the removal of these particles will permit sunscreens and sun tan creams to penetrate deep down and work correctly, filtering sunlight.

Secondly, applying the scrub with circular, energetic motions helps improve the microcirculation and facilitates draining and toning. In this way the skin will also be ready to absorb any toning and anti-cellulite products. Lastly, scrubs are rich in emollient and nourishing ingredients that serve to hydrate, nourish, tone and illuminate the skin depending on the active principles they contain.

Performing a face and body scrub is an essential beauty ritual, to be done at least once a week before going on vacation and alternated or combined with the use of special exfoliating gloves.

Let’s take a look together at the main developments on the face and body exfoliation front.

The recommendations of the Phytorelax scientific laboratory are:


Exfoliating treatment leaves the facial skin smooth and luminous. The delicate action of walnut microgranules removes dead cells and impurities, while olive extract and olive oil provide deep nourishment, leaving the skin immediately radiant, smooth and velvety.


Deep skin renewal Helps combat cellulite

Natural sea salts act as exfoliants, while argan oil and guarana extract leave the skin feeling silky, elastic and revitalized.

Essential oils release soothing aromas that give an immediate sense of well-being.

We recommend this treatment before exposure to the sun because it facilitates tanning, during the winter months to alleviate dryness and chapping, before specialist treatments at home or in beauty salons and spas to make your skin more receptive, and after age 40 when cellular regeneration tends to slow down, causing the skin to lose radiance and softness.

For a strong exfoliating effect, apply the product on dry skin; for a gentler effect, instead, apply on moist skin. Massage with a circular motion moving gradually upwards and, lastly, rinse only with warm water, without using bath foam.

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Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.