Discover the brand new Active Face Concentrates by Phytorelax.

Effectiveness and innovation come together for quick, tangible results.

For its new Active Face Concentrates, Phytorelax has chosen active ingredients in their purest forms, easy to assimilate, following the inspiration of the protocols of  aesthetic medicine.

Indeed, their proven effectiveness is thanks  to the essentiality of each composition: a real concentrate of ingredients that are perfect to counteract the signs of aging on the face.

And with such essential and specific formulas, in-depth information is a must.

Ready? Let’s discover them together!

1) Multipurpose

The new Phytorelax face concentrates can be used pure or mixed with face cream.
By pure use we mean direct application of a few drops of product on the skin; alternatively, you can add a few drops of concentrate to your day and night cream, before applying it on the face.

2) Quick and Visible Results.

Being much more effective than a normal cream, if used pure way the new Phytorelax face concentrates guarantee visible results in a short time span. Obviously, constancy plays a key role and that is why we recommend prolonged daily use.

3) Flexible functionality

The same concentrate becomes highly flexible according  to our skin’s daily need. It is a multifunctional and multiactive product, With a function during the day and another one in the evening, Helping with one issue during the working week when mixed with face cream or make-up, and with a different one at the weekend, when mixed with beauty masks.

4) Glass packaging: why?

The new Phytorelax face concentrates are stored in a glass bottle because this material allows the properties of the active ingredients to remain unchanged. Moreover, the dropper allows a proper and highly hygienic dosage since fingers will not come into contact with the product, thus avoiding alteration of its properties. .

Admit it: you can’t wait to try them all, can you?

Any question you might have, you can always count on Phytorelax’s team of experts, at your service on our official social media channels!

And here is an extra tip for you: we recommend using the face concentrate for three consecutive months, but you can also consider our Active Concentrates as a periodic treatment for your skin!

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Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.