Feel Your Natural Beauty

Beauty is balance, a question of skin but above all of heart.

When we talk about beauty, we immediately think of young skin, a perfect body, perfect style, hair and make-up every day and on every occasion.
But beauty is much more than that!

For many, many years we have grown accustomed to looking at each other with a critical eye.
We have forgotten that there was a time when we didn’t think of beauty as “correcting imperfections”. At one time, we were happy with our beauty and embraced our unique natural look.

The daily talk we have with you, our online and offline community, inspires us every day so We have enclosed these deep reflections in a new video manifesto.
A spontaneous gesture to give voice to this feeling we’ve had, and send a message of serenity and acceptance to all of you.

The slogan “Feel your Natural Beauty” from the new video is a way to rediscover the love for ourselves and our natural beauty.
A mantra to include in your daily routine to finally have the strength to abandon social standards and embrace the real you, in all your natural beauty.

A beauty that – in line with our philosophy – also includes the love and care we show the world we live in, rediscovering both the great but also the small things in life like delicate, understated gestures.

Sharing our video message on your social media or with your friends, therefore, has a powerful symbolic value – it is a way of saying
“I love myself, the way I am”.

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