How chemical treatments and discoloration damage the health of your hair

Chemical treatments and bleaching can cause significant damage to hair, affecting their health and appearance. These chemical processes can alter the structure of the hair, affecting their ability to retain moisture and their strength. This can leave hair dry, brittle and vulnerable to breakage. In addition, chemical treatments can weaken the cuticles of the hair, which can lead to loss of shine and brightness.

Specific hair care products

To regenerate and strengthen stressed hair due to chemical treatments or bleaching, it is important to use specific products for hair care. These products contain ingredients such as proteins, keratin and amino acids, which can help rebuild the structure of the hair and restore their health.

How to defend hair from styling tools

To reduce the risk of damage, it is important to use thermal protective products when using straighteners and curling irons. In addition, it is important to avoid excessive hair pulling with brushes or combs, especially when wet, as this can increase the risk of hair breakage.

Cut the damaged ends

If the hair is damaged at the ends, it may be useful to cut the damaged parts. This helps prevent hair breakage and reduce the risk of further damage.

Protect your hair from the sun

Exposure to sunlight can damage your hair, making it dry and brittle. To protect your hair from the sun, wear a hat or bandana when outdoors. Also, try to avoid using styling tools during the hottest hours of the day.

Be patient

Regenerating and strengthening stressed hair takes time and patience. It is important to be consistent in hair care and not expect immediate results. Over time, hair can improve their health and appearance, but it is important to follow a proper hair care routine and use the right products to achieve lasting results.

Frequently asked questions

How often can I do chemical treatments on my hair without damaging it?

There is no universal answer to this question, since it depends on the type of treatment and health of the hair. In general, it is good to limit the frequency of chemical treatments for hair and follow the recommendations of professionals.

Can hair discoloration cause irreparable damage?

Bleaching of the hair can cause irreparable damage if it is not carried out correctly or if the hair is not healthy. The bleaching process can weaken the hair and make it brittle, excessively dry and easily susceptible to breakage.

Can hair dye damage hair in the same way as bleaching?

Hair dye can damage hair in a similar way to bleaching, as both processes involve the use of aggressive chemicals that can weaken the hair and make it brittle and dry.

How can I treat my hair after a chemical treatment?

After a chemical treatment, it is important to follow a proper care routine, using specific products for the care of damaged hair, such as moisturizing and nourishing hair creams and oils.

Can I prevent hair damage while dyeing using natural products?

Although natural products can help to keep hair healthy, they cannot guarantee complete prevention of damage during hair dyeing. It is important to use specific hair protection products during treatment and follow a proper care routine to keep your hair healthy.

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Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.


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