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Camomile is a plant with exceptional properties. It can be used both internally (as an antispasmodic) and externally (for its soothing action). In cosmetics, it’s principally used in products for sensitive and delicate skins such as those of babies and young children, for its soothing, moisturizing, protective and cleansing action. “Camomile” typically designates two different varieties of the plant: Matricaria chamomilla and Anthemis nobilis, or Roman camomile. Although the two plants are broadly similar in their properties, Roman camomile is the better variety for extracting essential oils.

Excellent for your skin

Anti-inflammatory properties Calming action Helps soothe irritated skin Applied topically, camomile preparations have exceptional dermatological properties due to the soothing, moisturizing and disinfectant action of the active ingredient. Camomile extract has powerful anti-reddening and soothing properties and is skin-friendly. Camomile is used in many products indicated for sensitive skins and rosacea, and in delicate products designed specially for babies and young children. The decongestant effects of camomile are mainly due to the flavonoids contained in the plant. Camomile flavonoids are also used in cosmetics for the hair. When included in the right concentration in the formulas of shampoos and conditioners, they add shine and golden highlights to blond and light brown hair. Certain components of the essential oil, especially alpha-bisabol and vivid-blue chamazulene, make an important contribution to the decongestant properties of camomile. Phytorelax uses organically extracted Roman camomile in all its BioPhytorelax products.

Where on Earth does it come from?

Matricaria chamomilla is also known as common or German camomile. This type of camomile is an annual plant of medium height (around a metre), native to Europe and Asia. Anthemis nobilis or Roman camomile is a perennial plant which is native to Europe and North America and grows to a height of about 50 centimetres. A widely diffused plant, it’s enjoyed all over the world as a relaxing infusion before going to bed.

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