Phytorelax fragrances – A Shared Dream

During the last edition of Cosmoprof 2018 we presented the new complete line of Phytorelax fragrances.

For us it’s a dream come true, a dream that was born thanks to the numerous requests for fragrances of our brand.
We immersed ourselves with passion in this new adventure, which began at Christmas 2017 with 4 Special Edition Holiday Gifts.
Your enthusiasm enabled us to expand the line,
creating 4 additional new Phytorelax fragrances.

The new fragrances Raspberry & Vanilla, Black Pepper & Cinnamon, Gardenia & Cotton Flowers, Neroli & Orchid join the already consolidated Cedar Wood & Mandarin Orange, Bergamot & Patchouli, Tobacco & Iris and Pink Pepper & Pear.

We proudly present to you the 4 New Entries!

Black Pepper & Cinnamon

A sensual accord of vigorous spicy tones, deliciously nuanced in the evocative warmth of cinnamon.

Black Pepper has always been recognised as the king of spices and it emanates an intense, evocative fragrance. Its warm and sensual tones give a sensation of pleasant wellbeing, giving energy and a feeling of freshness.
Cinnamon is aphrodisiac and stimulates our soul’s yearning.
It makes us dream of tropical islands, India and distant journeys.

Gardenia & Cotton Flowers

A precious bouquet that embodies floral purity and the nuances of irresistible femininity.

The Gardenia has always symbolised elegance, purity and sincerity. It represents beauty in its most elusive guise, like the duration of its blooming – just three days.
Cotton Flowers remind us of Italy and in particular of the charm of Sicily, where they were introduced by the Saracens. At that time they were considered a luxury product, like silk.

Raspberry & Vanilla

Mischievously juicy and sweet: the vibrancy of raspberry sorbet stands out, enveloped by the soft sweetness of vanilla.

The word “lampone” (Italian for raspberry) comes from the Greek word “lampo”, meaning “shine”. The red colour of raspberries makes the fruit shine through the leaves, thus attracting attention.
Vanilla, rare and beautiful orchid, gives the fragrance a precious rounded effect, impalpable as powder.

Neroli & Orchid

A combination with unpredictable facets:
joyful, pure like a citrus flower, tender and provocative in the guise of the magnificent orchid.

Neroli is the essence obtained from bitter orange flowers which, only if picked from the tree by hand, maintain their fragrance unaltered.
The orchid is an intoxicating and sensual female flower that gives fragrances a delicate and sweet touch.

Let yourself be transported by these precious fragrances.
Wear the allure of our active ingredients inspired by nature every day:
they reawaken past memories, they give serenity and strength, and they express your personality.

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Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.