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Celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas with us

We all wish to experience the joy, the sparkle, and the happiness the Holidays bring in the best atmosphere possible!
However, taken by the momentum and the merry-go-round of celebrations, unfortunately waste becomes a common, everyday reality.

How can we contribute to protecting the environment during the holidays, enjoying the spirit of the holidays with a light heart?
If it is possible, how is it done?

We at Phytorelax have always created natural, certified and organic cosmetics. For this Christmas, thanks to the collaboration with Treedom, we have decided to surprise you by realizing something really special!

Yes, because “Loves The Planet” is the theme of our Gift Box Collection for Christmas 2019. A very special year both for us and our planet! The year that the Phytorelax Forest was born!

Discover the “Loves the Planet” Gift Boxes!


Holiday Gift Box Iconics Phytorelax
Bodycare & Handcare

The perfect Gift Idea for those who love Animals and the Planet.

Christmas, for Phytorelax Iconics, is dedicated to the animal world and to
nature, to the wonders of our planet, but also to the many problems that threaten its survival every day.

A gift that amazes and charms yet one that at the same time makes us reflect on the transformations of our Planet and on the impact they have on the animal kingdom, increasing our awareness and respect for our surroundings.

The Holiday Gifts are formulated with Aloe Vera, Almond, Argan, Shea, Bach Flowers, Olive. Moreover, in addition to being able to choose between a Body or a Hand Holiday Gift Box, you can let yourself be guided in choosing by your favorite animal: dolphin, brown bear, giraffe, penguin, fawn, rabbit, panda and lion.
Phytorelax has been ‘Inspired by Nature’ for over 30 years now: our inspiration comes from the world, the environment sheltering us, and the gifts we receive from Mother Nature.

Holiday Gift Box Bodycare & Handcare
Bio & Vegan

The Perfect Gift for true cosmetics enthusiasts who love to continually experience the best of nature when taking care of their skin.

A collection of Holiday Gift Boxes designed and created by focusing on three very popular natural ingredients: Hemp, Coconut and Tea Tree.

All three proposals are available in a Body Ritual and Hand Treatment version. The Bodycare Gift Boxes include a bath/shower gel and a body milk. The Handcare Gift Boxes instead include a Hand & Nail Cream and an Exfoliating Scrub. All products are certified organic by AIAB and VeganOk.

Holiday Gift Box – Sublime Pampering
Haircare & Bodycare

The perfect Gift Idea for those who love delicate beauty products. A great idea for expecting wives, friends, and sisters.

Nature’s way of pampering us: Sublime Oils.

An invaluable concentration of precious vegetable oils and vitamin E, Vegan-Friendly, Dermatologically-tested, made with natural ingredients (98%) without added preservatives, and Made in Italy. The ‘Sublime Oils’ come in six charming versions: Argan, Rosehip, Sweet Almonds and three organic, AIAB and VeganOk certified proposals: Coconut, Teat Tree and Hemp.

Every version is combined with its scented Bath/shower gel. How can you resist the idea of gifting a Moment of Pampering and relaxation to those you love?

Holiday Gift “Bio Phytorelax”

The perfect Gift Idea for those who want to take care of their face, carefully and with great class.

For all those who want to make informed decisions even when it comes to beauty products, Phytorelax provides 5 special Organic and VeganOK gift boxes.
You can thus choose the best kit based on your skin type, age, and any specific need.

All beauty routines suggested by Phytorelax are also Dermatologically tested and do not contain GMOs, Synthetic Coloring Agents, Silicones, Parabens, or Mineral Oils and Petrolatums.

Five different Beauty Routines with five great active ingredients that will give your face skin a healthy, bright, and rejuvenated appearance.

Holiday Gift Box Uomo Perfetto & Barber Shop
Bodycare, Skincare & Beard Grooming.

The perfect Gift Idea for those men that like taking care of their beard, face, and body.

There is no shortage of options by Phytorelax!
But the choice is never obvious and one must study the recipient of the gift well before settling on one of our three proposals, deeming it the perfect gift. There are three special Perfect Man proposals: Perfect Face Treatment combined with post-workout Shampoo & Shower Gel, Perfect Beard Treatment always combined with post-workout Shampoo & Shower Gel and finally a super NEW product! The latter is a real treat in the Phytorelax man collection: indeed, Barbershop is a Gift Box to give beard-lovers a real beauty-related treat.

The box includes a Beard Oil that softens and protects your beard and a 3-in-1 Beard, Face and Hair Cleanser.

Inspired by Nature

The perfect Gift Idea for those that love natural scents.

A fragrance reminiscent of Nature is the perfect gift to place under the Christmas tree. The eight options by Phytorelax tell wonderful tales of nature, landscapes, and feelings we should all make our own, wearing them every day.

Neroli & Orchid, Gardenia & Cotton Flowers, Raspberry & Vanilla, Black Pepper & Cinnamon,
Bergamot & Patchouli, Tobacco & Iris, Pink Pepper & Pear, Cedar Wood & Mandarin Orange.


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Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.


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Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.