Smell like Nature!

The new PHYTORELAX eau de toilettes have arrived

Wear the allure of our active ingredients inspired by nature every day!

The Phytorelax brand is turning 30: and to celebrate this important milestone with you we’ve decided to fulfill your dreams with the new Phytorelax Eau de Toilettes.

For years now many of you have expressed a strong desire for a comprehensive Phytorelax Beauty Routine, including the world of fragrances.
With the Phytorelax Eau de Toilettes we have added an important element to our cosmetic offer, from the heart, because we knew we were satisfying your requests.
We have fallen in love with this project and we won’t stop here!

The new Phytorelax Eau de Toilettes will make you dream thanks to their flowery, fruity, spicy, amber and woody notes according to the desires and seasons, for the pleasure of your senses and mood.

We have created some gift ideas for you for the upcoming Christmas holidays that had never been presented before today.

Inside the SPECIAL EDITION Eau de Toilette boxes, each fragrance is accompanied by a Scented Natural Shower Gel specially created to “bask in” its fragrance while taking a relaxing bath. Each bath/shower gel contains 98% natural ingredients.

Let’s explore the 4 Special Editions together:

scritta tabacco

Fragrance: Amber Flowery

The intensity of the just harvested tobacco leaves is attenuated by the light, persuasive notes of the iris. The floral essence is warmed by the elegance and charisma of the tobacco.

This fragrance is modulated on two contrasting olfactory tones: the innocent sweetness of pure flowery notes and the enveloping intensity of dark, smoky notes. This combination results in a fragrance that opens up to the voluptuous hints of tuberose, the pure hints of iris and the glossy hints of leather. It is preceded by complex top notes that conjure up a luxurious universe made of noble materials: spices, fine tobaccos and liqueurs. It closes on a base of precious woods, creating the perfect balance between powerful and delicate notes that make this composition truly intriguing.

scritta peperosa

Fragrance: Spicy Fruity

An olfactory balance with spicy facets: the spicy accents of the pink pepper gently blend with the fruity notes of the just cut pear.

Fresh, luminous and perfused with mouth-watering fruity notes, this fragrance is modulated on the citrus top notes of the Chinese mandarin orange, made subtle and sparkling by the spicy berries and by the green minty heart. Delicate, gentle hints of jasmine in the base notes, with their whiteness and purity, envelop you in a soft hug.

scritta bergamotto

Citrusy Spicy

A lively interweaving of citrusy notes and sweet, resinous scents. It reveals itself with a sparkling debut, joining together with an intimate and precious blend of woods.

In the top notes a mosaic of citrus fruit dominated by the essence of pink grapefruit and by lemon flowers interprets the natural freshness of the citrus fruit, building a mélange that gives off energy. The middle notes are characterised by an effervescent hint of Tonka beans enriched by a powdery note of heliotrope. The base notes present a classic hint of clear amber that goes well with the softness of sandalwood, firmly fixed to a woody base of patchouli: it is an intimate and precious blend of woods.

scritta mandarino

Fragrance: Woody Citrusy

It conjures up the fragrance of the peels of just squeezed citrus fruit and distant forest scents. a stimulating fragrance with a pleasant refreshing effect.

Citron wood, which has always been considered a dry, aristocratic essence, characterises the base note, which is tinged with green owing to the luxuriant and lively freshness of the lemon and of the notes obtained from rhubarb sap, which add an unexpected character, thus attenuating the woody base notes. The red fruits and the peony give balance to the subtle, dry, woody note. These more delicate middle notes create a blend that instills pleasant sensations of energy and vitality.

Let yourself be transported by these precious fragrances. Wear the allure of our active ingredients inspired by nature every day: they reawaken past memories, they give serenity and strength, and they express your personality.

Explore the world of Phytorelax fragrances – you’ll never look back!

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Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.