Harbor Foundation


Harbor, the natural cosmetics company, was born in the heart of Bologna.
The founding values of Harbor are, from the beginning, connected to innovation and to the culture of natural wellness.



Phytorelax Laboratories was born


A new very innovative product is created in the Harbor scientific laboratory for the trichology market of those years: a vial for hair formulated with a mixture of 33 natural ingredients, wisely divided between vegetable extracts and essential oils.
A true vegetable beauty treatment dedicated to the professional world, which until then had never appreciated the potential of natural cosmetics. Harbor vial had an instant success; the clients of the beauty salons were very happy after the treatment and reported a feeling of relief and wellness in the skin which had never felt before. It is thanks to this commercial success that the name Phytorelax was born: a name which contains its own philosophy, that is; wellness and relaxation, arising from the use of functional active ingredients and plant extracts.

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From an intuition to a successful brand


It is from the special vials for hair that in the year 2000 the Phytorelax Laboratories brand was born; a philosophy, a new way of conceiving beauty. That of Phytorelax is a type of cosmetics that is not only about Nature; the products are created to be a bridge between plants and the people who want to feel good. In those years, the first line of Bach Flower Remedies was born, which is the result of the collaboration with well-known experts in traditional and non-conventional medicine. A line even today among the most demanded by customers since it perfectly combines the concept of cosmetics and psychophysical wellness.
New innovative cosmetic lines were subsequently created that combined Nature and Science. At the heart of every project there is a deep and careful study of the properties of every single plant that Nature offers. With the passage of time, in fact, the Phytorelax Laboratories brand is enriched with a wide range of monographic lines, which today are icons, such as Olive, Almond, Shea butter, Cocoa and Argan, where the passion for Nature meets cosmetic research.


Nature meets Design


Curiosity and the desire to create even more original packages able to stand out in the market of natural products grow at the same time and the result of this brings out a new study of the packaging and its materials. The aim is to focus on a novel combination: Nature and Design. This is how in 2008 the decision of using a square design packaging was born, absolutely innovative in the world of cosmetics- elegant, refined but not elitist. Transparent and amber coloured materials are preferred; this is a characteristic that even today represents the Phytorelax Laboratories brand. A clever choice which intends to convey a clear message to customers, but at the same time safeguarding quality and the nature of the cosmetic formula contained inside.



International choice


New markets open, firstly towards United States that value design, Italian elegance and the professional approach of the brand. Today the Phytorelax Laboratories brand of Bologna is exported to 35 countries around the world, establishing itself as one of the best European cosmetics export brand. Its message is international: Phytorelax Laboratories represents refined yet affordable cosmetics, based on innovative and effective products as a result of an always present synergy of Nature, Science and Design.



Certified quality


The Quality Management System within the organization is monitored and constantly improved through an internal and external audit plan that verifies:

• Compliance with GMP requirements (UNI EN ISO 22716)

• Compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001-Ed. 2015

The achievement of these results is the testimony of our efforts to maintain our quality standards high and constant, in accordance with the regulations in force in this area.

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The research centre is entirely located in Italy and consists of 4 laboratories and 1 Study Centre.

    it deals with the development of formulations, as well as technical and legislative issues.
    it focuses on microbiological issues concerning the products, from development to marketing.
    they are concerned with ensuring the quality of raw materials, components and finished products, as well as the entire quality management system.
    the Marketing office cooperates with the R&D laboratory to focus on and develop 360-degree market trends and capture new consumer needs, translating them into innovative proposals with a particular focus on the ORGANIC sector.



Increasingly attentive to people’s desires and respect for our planet, Phytorelax creates its first COSMOS ORGANIC certified organic line, developed in compliance with the highest standards applicable to organic cosmetics, in accordance with the criteria of Cosmos Standards, the rigorous regulations recognized at European and international level.

BIO famiglia azienda


Bio Phytorelax Skin care


A new and precious face line is born of the search for innovative and increasingly effective biological formulas: Bio Phytorelax Skin Care. Phytorelax laboratories create a brand new complete cosmetic line of Organic and Vegan Ok certified products for facial cleansing and treatment. These products combine Nature and Science to address the problems of all skin types.
For an increasingly greener Beauty Routine, Phytorelax has created a new line of aluminum salt and parabens free, Cosmo Natural and Vegan Ok certified deodorants. The line meets a variety of needs; its wide range of deodorants provide natural, refreshing and delicate protection.
30 years after the birth of the Phytorelax brand and the experience honed in the world of fragrances, here are the first 8 “Inspired by Nature” colognes. The Phytorelax proposal stands out for quality and style: fragrances are both 100% Vegan Friendly, Dermatologically-tested, and, obviously, Made in Italy. Each of them contains an unprecedented bouquet of fragrances that stimulate senses and mind; it is like wearing Nature fragrances every day.

bio phytorelax


Intra Brand


In 2018, the brand “INTRA, La Natura Dentro” is relaunched with a new Hair Care line consisting of a wide range of AIAB and Vegan OK organic certified products that do not contain Parabens, Silicones and Artificial Colors.
In the same year see the launch of a line dedicate to facial care.


Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.

Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.


Iscritivi alla Newsletter, riceverai tutti i mesi le nostre BEAUTY TIPS con tanti preziosi consigli di bellezza e benessere.