Can allergic people use the products made by Phytorelax Laboratories?

All Phytorelax Laboratories products are made using carefully selected components and the manufacturing process is carefully supervised; therefore, they are well tolerated by most consumers under normal and predictable uses. All the Phytorelax Laboratories ranges are developed paying special care to skin tolerability. Each product is dermatologically tested in healthy individuals. During their development stage, all the products are tested to measure that the nickel present is below the quantity that causes allergic reactions. For those product ranges dedicated to sensitive skins, this kind of test is conducted on each single production batch.
For any other intolerances or questions you may have, please carefully read the list of ingredients on all the products. Besides, we believe that all people suffering from allergies must always seek medical advice, mainly from a specialist.

Do Phytorelax Laboratories products contain nickel?

Nickel is no longer used as a component to make cosmetics as it has been prohibited by the European Community. As a matter of fact, it is not included in the lists of ingredients of any of our products.
No cosmetics company can assure that this metal is totally absent from their products because it is impossible for these factories to control that at their origin, the raw materials used do not contain traces – parts per million (ppm)- of some of the substances not mentioned, such as nickel. Even residual quantities of nickel can cause allergic reactions or sensitisation, especially in predisposed subjects.

Nevertheless we guarantee that we carefully select the raw materials we use in our products and that we purchase top-quality raw materials to minimise any risk of allergic reactions. During their development stage, all the products are tested to measure that the nickel present is below the quantity that causes allergic reactions. For those product ranges dedicated to sensitive skins, this kind of test is conducted on each single production batch and shown on the product by our Nickel tested logo.

Are the Phytorelax Laboratories products safe during and after pregnancy?

It is important to emphasise that the ingredients used in the cosmetic products manufactured by Phytorelax Laboratories, be them natural or artificial, are totally safe. Therefore, even pregnant women and new mothers, and certainly nursing moms, should not be afraid and can continue using our cosmetic products, just like millions of people do all around the globe. We kindly ask everyone to strictly follow the use instructions and to read the information included inside each product box.

Do Phytorelax Laboratories products contain perfume?

The scents of the Phytorelax Laboratories products are selected following pleasantness criteria but mainly, due to their tolerability. Most perfumes contain allergenic substances called allergens that can be natural or synthetic. Whenever a product contains allergens, this fact should be specified in its label, even if the percentage is very low. Whenever possible, Phytorelax Laboratories use fragrances without allergens – under Annex III of Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 – or with low percentages and preferably of natural origin. Whenever a fragrance is present, that is specified in the list of the ingredients as parfum or fragrance.

Are Phytorelax Laboratories products tested on animals?

No. Phytorelax Laboratories do not test their products on animals. Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetics has set forth: That all tests on animals are banned by law for ‘Finished products’ (in force since September 2004) and for each single ingredient the products consist of (the last tests were finally abolished in March 2013). When the regulatory framework was far more different from what it is today, there was a reason for an international ‘Not Tested On Animals’ standard to exist. Such standard had the merit of having contributed to enhance collective awareness on this issue, supporting the fair struggle of LAV (Italian Anti-Vivisection Association) and the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments. It is worth remembering, however, that a vast number of cosmetic ingredients has been tested on animals in the past (that is before the testing ban on ingredients came into force in 2009) and that such ‘traditional’ ingredients are commonly and widely used to make cosmetics, even by companies that have adhered to the international ‘Not Tested On Animals’ standard because such standard is not prohibitive, considering ‘the commitment of not testing raw materials on animals after the cut-off date set when the standard is adhered to’.

Therefore, in compliance with the law, Phytorelax Laboratories do not test ingredients on animals, and do not ask any third party to do so either. We do not display the legend ‘Not Tested On Animals’ in the label of our products on purpose because as required by the current regulatory context, that is a fact now taken for granted.
The importance we place on respecting and protecting animals is also demonstrated by the transparency to state on each product the adherence to the VEGAN OK specifications or the absence of ingredients of animal origin.


Which are Phytorelax Laboratories commitments as regards the environment?

Phytorelax Laboratories, through their Code of Ethics, are committed to respect and protect Nature and the environment at every stage in the process of designing and manufacturing their branded products. By adhering to the strict Cosmos Standard we had to implement an environmental management plan and a waste management plan for each of our plants. These plans are aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling waste in an efficient and rational manner. In fact, one of the key requirements of the Cosmos Standard is that the principles of Green Chemistry should be implemented.

Which are Phytorelax Laboratories commitments as regards packaging?

Packaging materials
The use of packaging materials of Phytorelax Laboratories products also takes environmental impact into account: we have excluded PVC, favouring 100 % recyclable PET, and we use glass as much as possible since it is no longer considered waste and is 100% recyclable, countless times. Furthermore, we use secondary packaging only if strictly necessary. .
Use of FSC paper
For our printed materials (catalogues, price lists, brochures, advertising leaflets, and the like) and cases, we use FSC paper, namely paper from forests managed according to environmentally sustainable principles and certified to Forest Stewardship Council Standar
Local Suppliers
We are committed, where possible, to choose Italian local suppliers or at least the ones that are closest to the company’s headquarters in the attempt to reduce wastage and to limit CO2 emissions.

Which is the added value to organic farming?

Organic farming is a form of agriculture based on respect for life, biodiversity and natural cycles. It excludes the use of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers. In as far as possible we at Phytorelax Laboratories opt for ingredients coming from organic farming.

What is meant by ‘natural cosmetics’?

While waiting that the European Commission defines the Claims of cosmetic products, as set forth by Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, in Italy there are protocols by certification bodies that are used as guidelines on the subject. Each body has its own protocol and sets a variable quantity of natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin that can be used in a product, as well as ingredients that are permitted or banned.

A lot of products show the legend ‘contains over 98% ingredients of natural origin’. What does it mean exactly?

The labs of Phytorelax Laboratories formulate their products mainly with raw materials of natural origin and coming from certified organic origin. Our research aims at creating products with high performance as regards approval, and we use the highest possible number of natural ingredients at the lowest cost for customers.

What are the Phytorelax FORMULA FACTS that I see at the back of products?

For our product ranges not certified by external certification bodies, we have created a clear, transparent and accessible information tool of our own that we call: Formula Facts.
It is an identity card of the product found in every single cosmetic product. It provides information to consumers, in a quick and easy way, about the most important data regarding the composition of the formula and the packaging used. It also specifies the percentage of naturalness the product contains. Consumers will also find the list of what our cosmetic products contain and do not contain as we have chosen to do. In this way it is quite easy to be guided to make a sensible choice and be aware of what they are consuming.


What is the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’?

A natural product claims a composition of natural ingredients exclusively that can come from any kind of farming method. Contrariwise, a certified organic product contains a high percentage of natural ingredients coming from organic farming, that is, a method that does not use chemical fertilizers.
A certified organic product is free of synthetic dyes or perfumes, PEG or PPG, parabens, petrochemical by-products, and it is non-GMO. Packaging should be minimal, recyclable and clean.

What is the Cosmos Standard?

It is the European standard for natural and organic cosmetic products. This highly strict standard, recognised at European level and worldwide, was developed by 5 main European certification bodies for natural and organic cosmetic products.

What does Cosmos Organic do?

This standard sets the requirements to be followed so that a cosmetic product can be defined as either organic or natural. It aims at implementing the principles of sustainable development throughout the cosmetics supply- From the characterisation of raw materials to the distribution of finished products. There are two certification levels: COSMOS NATURAL for natural cosmetic products, and a higher level, COSMOS ORGANIC, for organic cosmetic products.

How can I recognise Cosmos Organic certified products?

The Phytorelax Laboratories cosmetic products are certified and guaranteed by the Cosmos Organic certification. Each product bears the symbol of ICEA, the Italian Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute. This body has certified us on behalf of Cosmos.

What are the Bach Flowers?

Bach flowers ― or Bach Flowers remedies ― are an alternative medicine method created by British physician Edward Bach. The Bach flower therapy is based on the principle according to which to heal a person, both their emotions and personality must be taken into account since these two factors determine the symptom that affects the body.
There are 38 remedies in the Bach Flowers therapy- 37 are made from the flowers of one plant and the remaining one is prepared with water from special springs. Each remedy is associated to a specific emotion such as fear, no self confidence or anxiety. The remedies do not work as any regular drug does, that is masking the symptoms. They do act, instead, by strengthening our positive qualities. The negative mood is not eliminated but it is repressed by a growing positive quality. Besides, these remedies are totally safe since there are no contraindications to them.

Why is the expiry date not shown on the products?

It is mandatory by law to indicate the expiry date only if the manufacturer does not ensure a duration of at least 30 months. For products guaranteed for more than 30 months, the period of validity of the product after it is opened (PAO – Period After Opening) must also be specified and the relevant logo affixed.

Where are the Phytorelax Laboratories products made?

100% of our products are created, developed and made in Italy.

How can I contact your dealer in my area?

You can call our Customer Service at + 39 051/795100

Where can I get the list of shops that sell Phytorelax Laboratories products?

You can find the list in the specific section: STORE LOCATOR

Who can I contact if I have any questions about Phytorelax Laboratories products?

If you have not found the answer to your questions in this section, please send your queries to: laboratorio@harboritalia.it

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